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Graffiti and street art tours



Max 40 People
De Pintelaan 363
9000 Gent
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Ghent has long ceased to be a hidden gem in the Belgian tourist landscape. Just last year, the British newspaper The Guardian placed Ghent in fourth place among European cities worth visiting. Especially the cobblestone streets, the art nouveau town houses and the eco-friendly shopping and dining scene of the city stood out.

Explore Ghent in a fascinating and unique way

The vibrant street art and graffiti scene deserve at least as much attention. An exploration of the city in the footsteps of your personal Wallin 'guide is an absolute must for those who want to explore the city in an alternative way. Not only will you get to see a 'different' Ghent, you will also get a word of explanation about the difference between graffiti and street art, and discover how creativity takes shape in public space.

Take part in a workshop

Are graffiti and street art legal? Which artists choose this medium? Is street art really culture? After a tour of Wallin ', the most famous Ghent street art collective, you'll have the answers. Even more: knowing graffiti is learning to love it. And sometimes loving it, wanting to try it yourself ... Following the tours of Wallin 'there is the possibility to participate in a graffiti workshop under the guidance of a professional graffiti artist.

On foot or by bicycle

Interesting fact: Wallin organizes city tours for walkers and, via City Cycling, also for cyclists.

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