Organise your event from A to Z

Organise your event from A to Z

From total concepts to catering and equipment rentals!

Organise your event from A to Z with the right partner

Lowiz will give you some tips & inspiration

In East Flanders, you will find plenty of partners to help you with your professional event. Because as you know, organising everything yourself takes a lot of time and expertise. So let the professionals assist you in making your event an unforgettable moment.

Go full steam ahead for an intense experience:

✔️ in the right location,

✔️ with the best caterer and

✔️ with the perfect light and sound.

Handy search function

An initiative by Tourism East Flanders, Lowiz gathers together East Flanders meeting and event providers. At, you can immediately find a suitable meeting and event partner using the convenient search function. 

In addition, Lowiz is a platform where MICE entrepreneurs can find and inspire one another.

Organisation from A to Z

Discover a selection of East Flanders partners for your catering, audiovisual support, furniture rental and event agencies here.

You can find these partners on in the following sections:

Inspiration from A to Z

In addition to a comprehensive overview of meeting and event venues, activities, meeting hotels, caterers, event agencies and partners in logistical support, the website also offers a hearty serving of inspiration.

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Sir Catering in Drongen
Hangar 43
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A wonderful event with the right caterer

Delicious catering will make your event an unforgettable experience.

Lowiz is sharing 5 tips that will get you started in finding the right catering partner.

Discover the 5 tips and a list of East Flanders caterers here.

Street Food Company
De Feestarchitect catering
Put your event in good hands

Event marketing

Event agencies make a difference. They take your event to a very high level and devote themselves to event marketing. This is how you turn your event into a marketing and communication tool.

Organisation and monitoring

You go through the entire process of organising with an event agency. They will assist you in defining the goal and target audience and developing the concept. You can also use an event agency to communicate with the various stake-holders and organise any side-events. Last but not least, you can expect some careful monitoring and evaluation from them.

Engage in dialogue and find the partner that fits your business!

Discover some of the offerings here.

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Your event in the right spotlights

Audiovisual support

Professional AV is essential for your event. A solid AV partner is critical to a successful event. We've all been at an event at one time or another when the mic failed during a speech. The speech might have been so great, but poor sound quality halved its impact.

So go for a professional AV partner and make yourself heard clearly during your event!


Decoration, tableware and furniture go along with the atmosphere you want to exude. Try thinking out of the box. Go for a winter setting or introduce some art to your event. This can be a real eye-catcher or the start of a good conversation. A partner in equipment rental can transform a venue and make your audience marvel. Stimulate all the attendees' senses! 

Discover some of the offerings here. 

Event New Balls Please
SLV Rent